The other week I found myself sat surrounded by delicious food in front of my sister in law, catching up over a bottle of wine. Every time we grab a drink or dinner together we always say the standard 'let's do it again' line. Except we don't; does anyone really stick to that line? That's why, when I got asked to check out Thai Square, I knew exactly who to take with me, India, the person who introduced me to Thai food. It was the ultimate taste test.

Thai Square cocktails

As we arrived the staff welcomed us with beaming smiles and sat us down at our table with some cocktails. Then the food started to arrive, and boy was there a lot of food. We sampled all of the goodies on Thai Square Platinum set menu which included two starters - aromatic duck rolls followed by Hoi Shell Rad Gang Kiew (thai green scallops). I love duck rolls, in fact, I would have been perfectly happy if the entire meal was just duck rolls. Did I mention that I love duck rolls? Okay good.The scallops were the perfect dish to distract me from the tasty tasty duck rolls. I love scallops but have never had them in thai green sauce before, it was, interesting.

Duck and scallops

Next up was the mains. We had Green Prawn Curry, Phed Makhem (duck with a tamarind sauce), Stir Fried prawns and Scallops and Weeping Tiger (marinated beef in a secret chilli sauce). Don't forget the sides too! These were egg fried noodles and vegetables, pak choi in a special sauce and steamed jasmine rice. All together that's a lot of food. But a lot of good food.

Thai Square food

I love meals where you can take bits of everything and just share it all. Dinner is so much more fun when you get to taste little bits of everything. That's exactly what we did. Except then we kept eating, and eating, and eating until we were a long way past full but everything was just so damn tasty! We'd worked through everything on the set menu of four courses which for £36.50 each is pretty good value.

In fact I could tell all of the above by the note that I left myself on the way home saying: Thai food = good food!

Thai Square