I’ve packed in a lot of mini fun things last month so I’ve decided to start sharing end of month roundups as a bit of a way of tracking things I do. Here’s a few fun moments from April.


At the beginning of the month I had my first ever improv show! I’ve been doing improv for a while now but this was the first time I’d actually been on stage, in front of an audience, under real stage lights. EEK! The good news is that it went well! I was literally buzzing with excitement beforehand and had a load of people come out to watch and support me. The atmosphere was electric and everyone was so so so happy to be there. One of my favourite scenes was when I owned a llama farm and our neighbour was trying to steal them, oh, or maybe it was the one where I was flirting with a guy in a comic book store…. I guess if you take that out of context it sounds a bit strange but anyway, it was fun and we got a lot of laughs which was good!



Easter weekend was a jam packed four days of fun. We did everything - which you could probably tell from my Instagram story if you follow me (plug!). One Friday we went to the wood and learnt some circus skills before playing tennis and going to the pub. On Saturday we took the boat to the pub, had lunch and a few beers, went rowing on the boating lake and then to the pub. On Sunday we had a dip in the sea, and Easter egg hunt, a game of tennis and then (you guessed it), went to the pub. On Monday we ate fish and chips on the beach before the drive back to London.

Swimming in Suffolk


The other weekend I kept free so I could paint our bedroom. Indecisiveness won and we took the whole weekend to select our paint colour so the actual painting got pushed back but I still felt like painting something. Long story short I pulled out my easel, primed some canvas’ and painted a fun picture for my best buddies new baby’s room. I’d put a picture but it’s still a surprise for her for now so you’ll have to wait.

I really missed painting though, it’s one of my hobbies that always falls off the radar. It was actually so nice to stay in on a Saturday night, have a few beers, sing along to Disney songs and paint. It took me back to my uni days.

Viki painting

Wine tasting

Last Monday I went along to wine tasting with some of my blogger buddies. I’d been a few years ago and learnt all about swirling the glass and things but was keen to try it out again. We were hosted by Siliva who runs Divino in Vino. She’d picked out six indigenous wines for us to try including a prosecco, two whites and three reds. She explained a little bit of the history of each one as she poured them. Two of the wines we tried were originally created from grapes which were almost extinct, making them into wine made them more popular!

I enjoyed each one we tried (mainly because they were wine!) but got quite critical with my scoring. I tried to remain… professional but ended up writing things like ‘smells like mushrooms’ and ‘tastes better after the first glass’ on my scoring sheet. Opps. It was a super fun evening though and a good mix of learning more about wine and having a giggle with the girls.

wine tasting

Dinner at Hixter

On Tuesday evening I was double booked. I popped along to the London Bloggers meet up organised by Abbi at the Escapologist bar in Covent Garden. I met a whole bunch of bloggers and has a few glasses of fizz before having to scoot off pretty sharpish to get to dinner at Hixter in London Bridge.

Typically I was running late so told Charlie to order for me and boy did good! He ordered the half roast barn-reared chicken with stuffing, chips and gravy and the beef burger for us to both share. YUM! My favourite was the chicken as it was comfort food heaven but he preferred the beef burger which was exactly as rare as we wanted it (aka very rare).

Date night at Stef’s @ Oregano

With all the excitement that was April, Charlie and I realised that we hadn’t had a date for a while. I’d spent the weekend decorating whilst he was coding my website so we deserved a treat for all our hard work. I had a quick Google of islington restaurants (why can I never think of anywhere I want to go when I’m looking?!) and found a few options. We took a walk towards Angel and glanced at the menu of Stef's before heading inside. I’m so glad we chose it, the food and the service was exactly what we wanted.

Stef’s Oregano

We ordered a giant bottle of beer to share as we planned our meal. I wanted to try everything but we eventually decided on Crostini al Crudo and the seafood linguine for starters (which we both shared) and then the spinach, ham and ricotta calzone and the Paesana pizza (which we also both shared). The food was incredible. I think we’ve just found our new favourite local Italian!

Stef’s Oregano