Wow, how is it June already? Where did May go? I mean seriously?! Did someone knock me out for half of the year? I feel like it’s been a grotty winter and then BOOM over the past few weeks the sunshine has been making an (unfashionable late) appearance.

As I did in April I thought I’d share my May highlights with you. Because it makes me feel damn proud and happy to look back at the fun things I've done.

Gin Garden

Charlie and I headed down to The Gun in Canary Wharf one evening to check out the opening of their gin garden. As promised there was a lot of gin and other drinks. The garden looked like good fun with grass floor and lawn games. It would have been perfect to sit and have an evening tipple or two (or three) in the sunshine. Except it wasn’t sunny. It was actually bitterly cold. Damn British weather! I’m hoping head back when it’s a little warmer so I can chill out watching the view.

Gin garden

Brighton weekend

I had a bit of a spontaneous night out in Brighton with my cousin Sarah (if you haven’t checked out her Instagram DO IT, the food she posts will make you start eating all sorts of healthy things). The night was anything but healthy with a whole lot of gin and sweet potato crisps and falafel. Although the morning was my favourite part. After catching only a few hours sleep we both headed down to the beach to sit and watch the waves. After, we walked around the lanes and grabbed a smoothie from Guaranaco. It was pretty early so the rest of Brighton hadn’t woken up, it felt like we had the town to ourselves, free to explore.

Harry Potter at the Royal Albert Hall

I have to admit something. Now this may come as a shock but I’m not the biggest Harry Potter fan. And by that I mean I don’t know what house I’m in, I get 0 in any quiz you ask me and haven’t read all of the books. When I was younger I loved the books but I lost interest as I got older and never really made the effort to stay into it. Okay, big reveal over. I headed to the Royal Albert Hall to watch Harry Potter but what I got was a lot more. I knew about the orchestra playing the music live but it was such a cool experience. I was genuinely amazed at how good they were. Even the choir who were oooohing and ahhhhhing at the right sections - it didn’t even sound like humans making those noises! It sounded exactly like the film.

Harry Potter

Eat off the menu

I was invited for dinner with Charley and a bunch of bloggers the other week. We all met at Zayane which is a Moroccan restaurant in Notting Hill. The reason we were there was to try out the food but also to learn more about Eat of the Menu. This was started by Alex and aims to scour the city to find the secret dishes served by top restaurants which aren’t on the menu. Each dish has a story behind it and we tried the Zayane’s British twist on a Moroccan classic which was a Bakoula salad with red olives, tomatoes and cod.

Sushi making

More food! Last week Charlie and I headed off to Murakumi in Covent Garden for a sushi making lesson. The head chef, Rey Sabinos, taught us how to roll California rolls and make Nigiri. I love making sushi but this was my first proper lesson so I picked up a few tips - mainly how to make the rolls square (like this lil cutie). I’ve been meaning to share a post around sushi making so watch this space!


Brighton (again) and Southend

Alongside all of that we’ve finally managed to finish decorating our bedroom (post to come!). We spend most weeknights last week putting our bed back together and putting up wardrobes. We decided to celebrate by getting out of the house and going for a day trip to sunny Brighton. Except it wasn’t sunny at all. In fact it was bloody freezing!

Our luck didn’t change much the next day when we went to Southend to see Charlie’s grandpa for dinner. As soon as we stepped off the train the sky turned into what I can only presume was an attempt at an apocalypse! Still, it was nice to escape London and get out in the fresh air.