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Thai Square food and wine

Munching my way through the set menu at Thai Square

The other week I found myself sat surrounded by delicious food in front of my sister in law, catching up over a bottle of wine. Every time we grab a drink or dinner together we always say the standard 'let's do it again' line. Except we don't; does anyone really stick to that line? That's why, when I got asked to check out Thai Square, I knew exactly who to take with me, India, the person who introduced me to Thai food. It was the ultimate taste test.

Thai Square cocktails

As we arrived the staff welcomed us with beaming smiles and sat us down at our table with some cocktails. Then the food started to arrive, and boy was there a lot of food. We sampled all of the goodies on Thai Square Platinum set menu which included two starters - aromatic duck rolls followed by Hoi Shell Rad Gang Kiew (thai green scallops). I love duck rolls, in fact, I would have been perfectly happy if the entire meal was just duck rolls. Did I mention that I love duck rolls? Okay good.The scallops were the perfect dish to distract me from the tasty tasty duck rolls. I love scallops but have never had them in thai green sauce before, it was, interesting.

Duck and scallops

Next up was the mains. We had Green Prawn Curry, Phed Makhem (duck with a tamarind sauce), Stir Fried prawns and Scallops and Weeping Tiger (marinated beef in a secret chilli sauce). Don't forget the sides too! These were egg fried noodles and vegetables, pak choi in a special sauce and steamed jasmine rice. All together that's a lot of food. But a lot of good food.

Thai Square food

I love meals where you can take bits of everything and just share it all. Dinner is so much more fun when you get to taste little bits of everything. That's exactly what we did. Except then we kept eating, and eating, and eating until we were a long way past full but everything was just so damn tasty! We'd worked through everything on the set menu of four courses which for £36.50 each is pretty good value.

In fact I could tell all of the above by the note that I left myself on the way home saying: Thai food = good food!

Thai Square

Zero Eggs Pancakes

Everyday for the past two months I’ve been eating the same breakfast. Obviously my body wasn’t as keen on it as I was and I became allergic to eggs. Annoying. I’ve cut them out of my diet completely with the hope that I can re-introduce them later on but, it’s left me struggling for breakfast ideas as most things contain eggs or carbs or milk (which I didn’t want to eat/ I don't like). It was a little tricky until I found chickpea pancakes and then, a few days later, lentil pancakes. #Winning

These recipes have been adapted from a Jamie Oliver one (chickpeas) and Healthy Little Foodies (lentils). As usual I didn’t have all the ingredients so I made a few changes. You’ll notice that they are pretty similar recipes but both delicious in their own way.

Chickpea pancakes


  • 300g dried chickpeas soaked overnight
  • ½ teaspoon ground cumin
  • ½ teaspoon ground coriander
  • ¼ teaspoon ground turmeric
  • olive oil


  • 1 red onion
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 handful of spinach
  • salsa
  • guacamole


Soak the chickpeas in water overnight or for a minimum of eight hours. The next morning drain them and pop in a food processor with the herbs and around 100- 200ml of water. I tend to add this in a little at a time as I don’t want the batter to be too watery. Blend until everything is nice and smooth.

Heat olive oil in a small frying pan or wok. Make sure it’s nice and hot before turning the heat to medium and adding the batter. You’re supposed to add this in batches but every time I’ve made these I’ve just added it all in at once and made a giant pancake.

Swirl the pan to make sure the liquid is spread evenly and leave to fry for around three minutes. Then it’s time to flip it! Sometimes it breaks apart a little but once flipped it’ll stick back together. Leave to fry for a few minutes whilst in a separate pan you fry off a red onion, tomato and spinach to serve on top of the pancake alongside guacamole and salsa.

Chickpea pancakes

Lentil pancakes


  • 300g dried green lentils soaked overnight
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • ¼ teaspoon ground cumin
  • ¼ teaspoon turmeric
  • ½ teaspoon paprika
  • 1 handful of spinach
  • olive oil


Soak the lentils in water overnight or for a minimum of eight hours. The next morning drain them and add them with the herbs and around 100-200ml water into a food processor. Again, add the water in slowly as you don’t want it to be too watery. Blend until smooth. 

As you heat up some olive oil in a pan, chop the spinach. Add in the batter and sprinkle the spinach on top. Leave this to fry for around five minutes on a medium heat. After five minutes/ when it’s less watery on top, flip the pancake and leave to fry for another five minutes on that side. I’ve made this twice and both times I’ve got a bit distracted doing other things so have ended up leaving it cooking on a low heat for an extra five minutes, this is good if you want the outside slightly crispier.

I served mine with bacon and salsa and a rather large cup of coffee.

Lentil pancakes

Honey and JD Beef

Honey and Jack Daniels Beef

I quite often get to a stage where I have no idea what to make for dinner. It’s pretty easy to make the same few recipes every week but it gets boring quickly. To keep track of our favourite recipes and to make sure we’re mixing up our meals, Charlie and I are working on a two week mini project to make a cookbook. It’s not going to be the world's most refined, buy it in a book shop kind of thing but it’ll be something we can flick through and decide on dinner with. I’ll transfer some of the recipes into posts so I can share them with you guys too. The first one I'm sharing is my honey and JD beef.

I’d been making beef burritos quite a lot but I didn’t know what else you could do with beef chunks. Apart from the obvious casserole but I’m not a massive fan of that. I had a quick Google and found a few recipes which I mixed together to create this one. Enjoy.

Honey and JD Beef

Ingredients (this makes enough for two)

  • 40ml honey
  • 30ml brown sugar
  • 40ml Jack Daniels
  • 30ml Soy sauce
  • 30ml worchester sauce
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • half a fresh chilli
  • 400g diced beef
  • 1 tablespoon of oil
  • 1 tablespoon of butter

Honey and JD Beef


Whisk together all the honey, sugar, JD, worchester sauce, garlic, chilli and oil. Add the beef and make sure it’s well coated. Then put that all in the fridge for at least two hours.

Next, melt the butter in a frying pan and add the beef mixture. You don’t want to cook this for too long else it’ll be too chewy and dry. Literally seal the edges then serve. If you have any sauce leftover you can thicken it up with a little flour and pour it over the top.

It’ll end up looking like a big sticky mess but trust me, it’s delicious! I served it with green beans and a bean dish. 


Doodling On The Tables At Inamo

A few weeks ago Charlie and I were sat in Stansted airport, waiting for our flight to Berlin and wishing the waiter would hurry up and take our order. We started thinking about how awesome it would be to have an iPad so you could order whenever you want instead of having to wait. The guys over at Inamo must have read my mind as an email landed in my inbox inviting me to the Camden opening. The email described a little bit about them and, well, you guessed it … they use iPads to order! Each table comes with an iPad so you can scroll through the pretty pictures of food and drinks, pick what you want and order it straight from there.


But wait…. there's more! If you don't want to use iPads you can always order using the table as they have interactive projections on there too. Pretty swanky you say? Well, they also have games you can play, a camera so you can spy on the chef, the option to change the table background and even a drawing app but I'll get to that later. 

Intrigued by the tech as well as the promise of delicious Asian fusion food, I headed along to the Camden opening. The new restaurant is just opposite Mornington Crescent station and a short walk down from Camden market. I arrived to a champagne and sushi reception on the roof terrace which was surprisingly warm and didn't at all feel like London. I can't remember the last time we ate sushi out but it was delicious.


Then it was play time! We headed inside for a caricature drawing lesson and David (our teacher) had already sketched out some of us. Can you spot me?

InamoIt was then our turn to sketch out our faces. We had a quick run through of how it works and luckily I got the hang of it pretty quickly. You can pick shades of colour and different mark marking tools like spray paint, pen or some patterny thing. I’m pretty bad at drawing people so instead ended up doodling a little octopus and me under the sea. It should totally be on display at the Tate - right?

Inamo I went into my own little world whilst I was doodling, I could sit and do that for hours. Perhaps it isn’t the best place to take me for dinner if you actually want a conversation? I almost missed the food turning up but I’m so glad I didn’t; everything was A M A Z I N G!

Inamo My favourite dishes were the Char Sui Buns (tiny clouds of goodness), Korean chicken wings and the crazy amount of sushi we had to begin with.

Inamo The food and the tech in Inamo has me already planning to go back. Although, the only issue is that I’d want to order everything on the menu!!

*Thanks to Erica for the pic of me.

**I was a guest of Inamo but the food and drawing was so good I just had to tell you about it!