Teenage Viki spent hours setting up and playing around with profiles/ blogs on MySpace, Bebo and Piczo. Looking back now it was pretty obvious that I was going to start blogging at some point; I just didn’t know it until two and a bit years ago.

I started this blog because it was all too easy to stay home watching Netflix. I wanted fun adventures and excitement and to meet new people. Since starting vikibell.com I’ve kept track of all the weird and wonderful things I get up to. This has included getting married, traveling to various places around the world, eating a LOT of food. Oh, and random thoughts such as what I would do if there was a zombie apocalypse (because a girl can never be too prepared right?)

Who is Viki Bell?

Good question, here’s a little bit of background… I grew up in Essex before heading off to the University of Leeds to study Art Design. I now live in London with my husband Charlie and work in social media.

I’ve picked up random hobbies along the way such as painting, photography, improv comedy and jewellery making. I LOVE trying out new things and will give anything a go once!

Describe yourself in three words

Ginger, energetic, creative

What makes you happy?

Sunsets and sunshine, music, Suffolk, photography, gin, improv, painting, pizza, being silly, steak, kittens, swimming, champagne and that moment you step off an aeroplane in a new destination.

Working with me

I'm always happy to hear from brands and PRs but will only cover a topic if it fits in with VikiBell.com and I like it. I do not accept third party content. All images on this blog are taken by me unless otherwise stated. I will always disclose if a product, service etc. was gifted to me.

Have some more questions for me to answer? Swing me a tweet, message on Facebook or Instagram or give me an email at vikibell[at]me.com.